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  • KAAPI - nqueen test (Middleware) [achieved]
    Description: we tested the deployement and scalability of our middle ware using most nodes of grid5000. It is a good test for both: - scalability - deployement - multi-architecture site the aim is to compute the number of solutions for the N queens probleme for a high instance of N
    Results: N=22 and N=23 succesffully computed
  • KAAPI - release test (Middleware) [in progress]
    Description: we tested the scalability of kaapi from 1 node up to 1 000 the tests consist of - deployement test - network load measure - load balancing We check various way of deploying our software (ssh, taktuk), as well as network traffic generated and associated memory consumption. Program checked are the classical fibonnaci and the 'a bit less classical' nqueen program We found and corrected some huge memory leak. We are now working on a network initialization issue. Next step will be to use the taktuk network to route messages. Hopefully, this will enable the use of Proactive's suite for the deployement process.
  • KAAPI-Fault tolerance (Middleware) [in progress]
    Description: I use Grid5000 to test our Fault Tolerance (FT) system of KAAPI project. The objectif is to successfully execute KAAPI jobs on many nodes, while allowing that certain processes are killed or in failure during the execution (the system is capable to restart the failed processes). Also I use Grid5000 to test the parallel programs.



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