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  • Tests for software portability (Application) [in progress]
    Description: We developp a package (MUMPS, "MUltifrontal Massively Parallel Solver") used by hundreds of academics or industrials. It is thus important to test the portability of the solver on many platforms. We have allready tested it in Lyon and are waiting for some compiler and Scientific librairies to be installed to continue on other sites.
    More information here
  • Validation of the JuxMem grid-data sharing service in the GridRPC model (Middleware) [achieved]
    Description: The aim of the experiment is to validate the JuxMem grid-data sharing service in the GridRPC. To achieve this goal, the DIET GridRPC middelware (developped at ENS-Lyon) has been modified to use JuxMem. Applications above DIET can therefore transparently take advantage of data management features offered by JuxMem. In this set of experiments, the JuxMem/DIET integration has been tested with a fake service and a DGEMM service (based on BLAS), over two clusters. Larger scale evaluations with an early Grid-TLSE prototype have also been performed (see HiPC 2007 publication).


  • Towards a Transparent Data Access Model for the GridRPC Paradigm [2007] (international)
    EntryType: inproceedings
    Author: Antoniu, Gabriel and Caron, Eddy and Desprez, Frédéric and Fèvre, Aurélia and Jan, Mathieu
    Month: December
    Booktitle: Proc. of the 13th Internationl Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC 2007)
    Series: Lect. Notes in Comp. Science
    Address: Goa, India
    Publisher: Springer-Verlag
    Note: To appear. Preliminary version available as INRIA Research Report 6009:


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