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  • Autonomic Internet Projet (Networking) [achieved]
    Description: On-demand deployment of services on large scale virtual network infrastructures on Grid'5000. Design and development of the Autonomic Network Programming Interface (ANPI) and OVNI5000. This research is part of the European STREP : Autonomic Internet Project.
    Results: The project Autoi has been deployed on Grid5000. A new framework/software for the manage and deploy has been created : OVNI5000.
    More information here


  • Platforms and Software Systems for an Autonomic Internet [2010] (international)
    EntryType: inproceedings
    Author: Rubio-Loyola, J. and Astorga, A. and Serrat, J. and Chai, W. K. and Mamatas, L. and Galis, A. and Clayman, S. and Cheniour, A. and Lefevre, L. and Mornard, O. and Fischer, A. and Paler, A. and de Meer, H.
    Booktitle: IEEE Globecom 2010 - Next Generation Networking Symposium
    Address: Miami, USA
    X-editorial-board: yes
    X-proceedings: yes
    X-international-audience: yes


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