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Marcel (Programming)

Conducted by

Samuel Thibault


Marcel is a user-level multithreading library. It is available as several flavors in accordance with the platform and programmer needs. In order to be able to benefit from SMP machines, Marcel is able to use a two-level scheduler based on kernel threads provided by the operating system. With the Linux system, Marcel is also able to use activations which provide a remedy to the classical limitation of user level multithreading libraries, namely the blocking system calls. Marcel also has good scheduling behavior on NUMA machines thanks to a powerful mecanism that lets the programmer express the structure of his application. All these flavors are based on top of a unique multithreading management kernel and are specialized during compilation.


in progress


  • Nodes involved: 1
  • Sites involved: >3
  • Batch mode: no
  • CPU bound: yes
  • Memory bound: no
  • Storage bound: no
  • Network bound: no
  • Interlink bound: no

Tools used

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Shared by: Samuel Thibault
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Experiment #9

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