Grid'5000 experiment

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Evaluation of Grid performance in the solution of PDE (Networking)

Conducted by

Matija Cankar


Experimental evaluation of network and computing power performance of Grid5000. The testing experiment is the MPI program for solving PDE.




  • Nodes involved: 10
  • Sites involved: 1
  • Minimum walltime: 1h
  • Batch mode: yes
  • Use kadeploy: no
  • CPU bound: no
  • Memory bound: no
  • Storage bound: no
  • Network bound: yes
  • Interlink bound: no

Tools used

MPI library - Mpich 2-1.2.1


Are presented in conference article: Experimental evaluation of Grid5000 performance in the solution of PDE

Shared by: Matija Cankar
Last update: 2010-09-06 13:34:21
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