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Comparison of optimistic and pessimistic message logging performance in Open MPI (Middleware)

Conducted by

Thomas Ropars


Pessimistic and optimistic message logging are respectively the most and less synchronous message logging protocols. Optimistic message logging is supposed to induce less overhead on failure free execution whereas pessimistic message logging is supposed to be more efficient on recovery. However a new message logging model may have altered those basic differences. We compare the performance of an optimistic and a pessimistic message logging protocols, both implemented in the open MPI library.




  • Nodes involved: 100
  • Sites involved: 1
  • Minimum walltime: 24h
  • Batch mode: yes
  • Use kadeploy: yes

Tools used

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Shared by: Thomas Ropars
Last update: 2010-06-09 18:13:18
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