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ANR LEGO: Climat simulations with OCC17 (Application)

Conducted by

Eddy Caron, Eric Maisonnave, Vincent Pichon


World’s climate is currently changing due to the increase of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Climate fluctuations are forecasted for the years to come. For a proper study of the incoming changes, numerical simulations are needed, using general circulation models of a climate system (atmosphere, ocean, continental surfaces) on forced mode or coupled mode (i.e. allowing information exchanges be- tween each component during simulation). Natural variability, seasonal forecasting or global warming characteristics are some examples of the use of numerical simulation and coupled models. Climatologists’ purpose in this case is to launch parallel simulations (10 or more) where each independent simulation models the evolution of the present climate followed by the 21st century, each with a distinct physical parametrization of the atmospheric model. Comparing the independent simulations, they expect to better estimate global warming sensibility in order to model parametrization.


in progress


  • Nodes involved: 50
  • Sites involved: >3
  • Minimum walltime: >1d
  • Batch mode: no
  • Use kadeploy: yes

Tools used

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Shared by: Eddy Caron, Eric Maisonnave, Vincent Pichon
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