Grid'5000 experiment

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Benchmarking of network management plateforms (SNMP, JMX) (Networking)

Conducted by

Abdelkader Lahmadi


Our work aims to assess the performance of management framworks on large scale environement such as grid 5000. In an earlier work, we have analysed the performance of JMX (Java management eXtension), the de facto standard for java application management, within a cluster (ICluster2 in grenoble) environement. Our main results shows that management delays follows a two parameters weibull distribution. We have also identified a scalability metric that puts in relation the quantity of management activities, the cost of these activities in terms of resources consumption and the quatlity of these activities. We have illustrated this metric to assess the scalability of a JMX based centralized management architecture. We extend our performance on the grid5000 environement to state the impact of a multi-sites agents architecture on the tested management framework.


in progress


  • Nodes involved: >1000
  • Sites involved: >6
  • Minimum walltime: >1d
  • Batch mode: yes
  • CPU bound: yes
  • Memory bound: yes
  • Storage bound: no
  • Network bound: no
  • Interlink bound: no

Tools used

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