Grid'5000 experiment

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Monitoring cost of GAMoSe (Middleware)

Conducted by

Thomas Ropars


GAMoSe is an Application Monitoring System designed for grids. It is designed to handle high availability and scalability issues. A set of monitoring mechanisms are used to effectively monitor nodes and application processes. GAMoSe has been integrated into the Vigne Grid Operating System. For this experiments, Vigne is deployed on all the nodes and applications are submitted. Failures are simulated with kill signals send to some applications. Through this experiement, we want to show that GAMoSe is able to provide dependable information with a minimal cost on Grid performances.




  • Nodes involved: 500
  • Sites involved: >6
  • Minimum walltime: 4h
  • Batch mode: yes

Tools used

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Shared by: Thomas Ropars
Last update: 2010-06-09 18:13:27
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