Grid'5000 experiment

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Utilization rate of resources (Networking)

Conducted by

Zahia Guessoum


For this third series of experiments, we study how the negotiation process for resource management influences the service utilization rate. We consider the same MAS as defined below and m the number of available resources. For each m (20, 40, ..,80), two kind of measures are done : (1) ideal strategy for replication where the deadline in the negotiation process and the negotiation time are not considered and (2) the proposed economic strategy.


in progress


  • Nodes involved: 100
  • Sites involved: 2
  • Minimum walltime: 1h
  • Batch mode: yes
  • CPU bound: no
  • Memory bound: no
  • Storage bound: no

Tools used

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The results show that the resources have been well-used. They also indicate that the proposed model provides an allocation quality which decreases with the required number of replicas. This can be explained by the supplementary time required for negitiation.

Shared by: Zahia Guessoum
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