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Branch and Bound API (Programming)

Conducted by

Alexandre Di Costanzo, Clement Mathieu


This experiment aims to improve the performance of the Branch and Bound API provided by the Grid middleware ProActive. This API makes for solving Branch and Bound problems in distributed, such as the scheduling Flowshop problem. This API provides a set of tools for searching in a solution tree the best optimal solution by running tasks in parallel. Tasks can use a Breadth-first search (BFS) method or else. They also broadcast the best current solution to themselves in the goal to optimize the total of tree branch cuts. For the moment, we are looking for optimizing the API works on 2 points. Firstly, we focus on the computation deployment part on a large number of nodes. We are able to deploy on about 540 nodes distributed on 4 sites of Grid 5000 in 5 minutes of times. The deployment part belongs in acquiring nodes, starting a runtime on all of them, and then the creation of the computation objects. Finally, optimizing the communication between all objects allocated on all sites by using hierarchic group communications between clusters.


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    These experiments are the follow up of a previous batch of tests ran during the Grid@Work – 2nd Grid Plugtests conference. While this event, we got a full exclusive access to all Grid 5000; at that moment, we have deployed a computation on 797 nodes.

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