Grid'5000 experiment

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Intended Grid'5000 usage for user Matei Ripeanu (UBC - ENS Lyon (sabatical) - LIP, NetSysLab - Avalon - BitDew) (Other)

Conducted by

Matei Ripeanu


The usage intends to investigate the integration of BitDew and MosaStore. BitDew offers programmers a simple API for creating, accessing, storing and moving data with ease, even on highly dynamic and volatile environments. Mosaic Storage (MosaStore) is a highly configurable scavenged storage system: the system is designed to harness unused storage space from network-connected machines to build a high-performance, yet low cost datastore that can be easily configured for optimal performance in different environments, security requirements, and application data access patterns. We intend to investigate the advantages of Building BitDew on top of MosaStore, making possible to aggregate distributed storage resources, increasing: storage space as well as the I/O throughput and reliability of the participating machines. Also, we plan to to compare and contrast the performance, scalability and energy consumption of the design techniques used in BitDew and Mosastore.




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    Shared by: Matei Ripeanu
    Last update: 2012-05-25 12:30:04
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