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This environment has been marked as deprecated since 3 June 2013. Please consult the Environment_Management#Deletion_and_Deprecation to know what it means for this environment.

This page describes the 2.1 version of the minimal environment based on Lenny version of Debian distribution for AMD64/EM64T machines. It intends to explain how this environment was built and how to use it with Kadeploy. This page is inspired from Lenny-x64-big-2.1

Identification sheet


  • Based on: Debian version lenny for amd64
  • Reference file: /grid5000/images/lenny-x64-big-2.2.tgz at Bordeaux (md5sum is e87433ec446ef855a5f28a6a2fe44aaf)
  • Valid on: griffon , grelon , sagittaire , capricorne , netgdx , gdx , bordeplage , bordereau , parapide , paramount , paraquad , paradent , azur , helios , sol , suno , edel , genepi , adonis , chuque , chinqchint , chicon , chti

Kernel version 2.6.26-2-amd64 from Debian for amd64/em64t


  • Remote console: enabled on ttyS0 at 34800 bps
  • Services: ldap:yes, nfs:yes
  • Accounts: root:grid5000




Here are explanations on how the system was installed and tuned from Lenny-x64-nfs-2.1.
This release is only a bug fix to the previous lenny-x64-nfs-2.1 environment.
the bug bug #3061 has been addressed: the solution was to reinstall all the packages to reset the permissions distribution wide:

apt-get update && dpkg -l | grep "^ii" | awk '{print $2}' | xargs apt-get --reinstall -y -d install && find /var/cache/apt/archives/ -name '*.deb' -exec dpkg -i '{}' \;

the bug bug #3062 has been addressed: the solution was to create the missing users and group so that udev finds them locally and doesn't fall-back on ldap.
create all users listed in the udev rules

for user in `grep OWNER /etc/udev/rules.d/*.rules | sed -e 's/^.*OWNER=\"\([^\"]*\)\".*$/\1/' | sort | uniq`; do useradd --system $user; done

-create all groups listed in the udev rules

for group in `grep GROUP /etc/udev/rules.d/*.rules | sed -e 's/^.*GROUP=\"\([^\"]*\)\".*$/\1/' | sort | uniq`; do groupadd --system $group; done

Recording environment

Recording environment can be done from a description file. So we create /grid5000/descriptions/lenny-x64-base-2.2.dsc3:

name : lenny-x64-big
version : 4
description : https://www.grid5000.fr/index.php/lenny-x64-big-2.2
author : guillaume.ranquet@inria.fr
tarball : /grid5000/images/lenny-x64-big-2.2.tgz|tgz
postinstall : /grid5000/postinstalls/etch-x64-nfs-2.0-post.tgz|tgz|traitement.ash /rambin
kernel : /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.26-2-amd64
initrd : /boot/initrd.img-2.6.26-2-amd64
fdisktype : 83
filesystem : ext3
environment_kind : linux
visibility : public
demolishing_env : 0
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