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This page describes the 5.1.0 version of the production environment based on Lenny version of Debian distribution for x86_64 machines. It intends to explain how this environment was built and how to use it with Kadeploy.


Identification sheet


  • Based on: Debian version lenny for amd64
  • Reference file: /grid5000/images/debian-x64-5.1.0-prod.tgz at ' (md5sum is )
  • Valid on: all Grid5000

Kernel version 2.6.26-2-amd64 from Debian for x86_64


  • Remote console: enabled
  • Services: ldap:yes, nfs:yes
  • Accounts: 'deploy with -k'




see the Environment Management page to see the building process of the environment, you can checkout debian-x64-prod-5.1.0 tag.

Git logs

this is the raw git log, as it can be seen in the git repository.

39aab40 Merge remote branch 'origin/master' into HEAD
83a5a34 [ofed] add 'set -e' in ip_over_ib template to force exit when a command fails
e5b904a [drivers] ixgbe driver for luxembourg -squeeze support for netxtreme2 -default recipe to include ixgbe and netxtreme2 in reference env
013e818 Revert "[packages] Added kanif on frontend packages"
4bbc90e [ofed] moving the update of initramfs outside of the ofed recipe.
661e1bf [packages] Added kanif on frontend packages
8e51e50 [scripts] correct tgz/log destination directory
52df6ca [xen] creating squeeze VMs for squeeze images
aa830f2 [setup] apt proxy configuration done with cookbook_file, no more template
78c5785 [ofed] workaround for bug on CHEF-1794 with apt package provider
ac6d7a1 [scripts] correcting Rakefile to generate prod environments for all
b042f62 [xen] adding xen support
6e88f46 [squeeze support] kernel path exceptions for squeeze
efb2f1a [reference-env] adding squeeze support
ca7d7aa [reference-env] Modified Generation scripts to allow generation of reference environments
82a0003 [scripts] Misc changes Rakefile: removes timeouts from rsync connectors prod_oar.rb: removes apt.nancy from sources.list prod_bootstrap: removes gem versions, generation now works with chef 0.9.10
be7fddf [openmpi] bump to 1.4.3
0e1728d [g5kchecks] bump to revision 0.3.1
1a612b8 [g5kparts] add an uninstall recipe.


this sections intend to highlight the various points you should know about this images, please consider checking out the Chef repository for more accurate and complete informations.

squeeze support

most of the commits shown above adds support for squeeze in the recipes. this actually doesn't concern at all this env, which is lenny based.


version bump to 1.4.3: 1.4.3 is ABI compatible with 1.4.1, there's no need to recompile your applications.

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